Crock Pot Chex Mix


If your crock pot isn't full of chili or dip on Sunday, why not throw this easy Chex Mix in there!?  I know... a savory, crunchy snack made in a slow cooker seems insane, but I made it yesterday and it's not insane, it's magical.  Actually, I'm not sure why I made it yesterday because it will most likely be gone before the weekend, but snow days are for making irresponsible food choices, so there.

I followed this recipe and it worked perfectly.  See her note on ventilation to ensure your mix stays crunchy, as mine did.  What snacks are you going to make for the game?      

Game Day 2015


Only a few more days until Sunday Funday Fill-up-your-Tum Day!  
(Erase that phrase from your memory, for like, ever.)
Here are some game day snack ideas...
Be back tomorrow when the kid are (probably?) back in school!

Southern Caramel Cake


Good evening!!  Coming at you strong from the epicenter of BLIZZARD TWENTY FIFTEEN!  I like to shout that as I type like a super cheesy meteorologist.  It's been a long time since I've experienced a winter storm, but having grown up in Minnesota it's definitely not a foreign thing to me.  However, it IS the first time I've dealt with a blizzard as a grown up person, with actual responsibilities like filling up my gas tank (took 30 minutes), stocking up on essentials at the market (milk, bread, vodka...), and having children who are home from school with nothing to do!  They say the worst of it has yet to hit, so I'll keep you posted tomorrow with updates from the epicenter of BLIZZARD TWENTY FIFTEEN!  DUH DUH DUNNNN....

For now, I'd like to share with you the most wonderful dessert I made this past weekend.  A deliciously moist yellow cake with a thick, creamy, buttery caramel icing.  It wasn't my prettiest layered creation to date, as I ran out of frosting to cover the entire thing, but after taking one bite I threw any aesthetic desire out the window.  Breaking news: NO ONE CARES WHEN SOMETHING TASTES GOOD.  And this is waaaaay more than just good.      

Recipe for cake and frosting here.    

Cauliflower Pizza Crust


You guys, my picky eater ate vegetables, and I totally tricked him into it.  I didn't even have to lie!  I said, hey Jack, want to help me make pizza?  He said, yes, of course, and so we made the crust together.  Crust, that is, made up entirely of cauliflower.  Of course, I had turned the vegetable into "dough" before he came to help, so all he saw was this:

...and he never asked me what it was.  No lies!  But I'll tell you what that is, it's cauliflower.  An entire head of florets, coarsely chopped and then pulverized in a food processor.  Next, any excess water is squeezed out (I used a paper towel) to ensure a crispy crust, and then the cauliflower is combined with cheese, spices and egg whites.  Pizza dough!  

The crust is crispy and cheesy and delicious.  I made a plain cheese version for the kids and topped ours with thinly sliced zucchini and sautéed mushrooms.  This would be fun to make for the Super Bowl, and then you don't have to feel guilty about eating an entire bag of potato chips dipped in an entire bowl of french onion dip!    

Recipe here.

Buffalo Chicken Chili


I've never been a huge football fan, or I guess I should say, I just don't understand the sport.  I've had a countless number of guys (and a girl) try to explain the rules to me and they go in one ear and out the other.  I'm the fairest of fair weather fans, flip flopping all over the place between my home state team (Vikings), my college state team (Green Bay), my current state's team (Jets) or my man's team (Raider's).  However, I love hearing and seeing it on the TV, because it goes very well with a cozy fire, a dark beer and a bowl of chili.  Like this chili!  This ridiculously tasty and HEALTHY chili.  

Joy Bauer, the Nutrition and Health Expert for the Today Show, is quickly becoming my favorite source for quick, easy and healthy dinners (she was also the genius behind these).  I am a HUGE fan of anything buffalo, which usually translates into mucho calories.  However, Joy was able to take the flavor of everyone's favorite buffalo wings and transform it into a savory bowl of chili.  It's ground chicken, veggies (I added some onions along with the carrots and celery) with a broth of vegetable juice, mixed together with spices and your favorite hot sauce and topped with a creamy whipped mixture of greek yogurt and blue cheese.  SO GOOD!  You can make the whole thing in 30 minutes, however I chose to throw everything in the crock pot and let it simmer for 4 hours on high.         

Make this!  Perfect for that big football game next week.  Recipe here.

*We also added Terra Stix for a crunchy topping.

TODAY tonight: Perfect Roast Chicken


I feel empty.  I have finished the Serial podcast, and now what.  NOW WHAT?!  Now I think I'll drive to Baltimore and stalk Woodlawn High School and the Best Buy and Leakin Park because I'm crazy obsessed with figuring this all out.  If you feel the same way, let's discuss in the comments below, ok?  Thanks.  Now we can talk about food...

Earlier in the month, in fact on the first day of the year, Carson made this on the Today Show with Chef Ed Brown.  The recipe intrigued us, because the chicken sits smothered in soy sauce in the fridge for two days prior to cooking.  It's basically a brine of sorts, and the result is a perfectly moist and juicy chicken.  I think from this point on, I will always do this to my chickens, no matter how I roast them!  Recipe here

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cup


Luckily for me, Carson often comes home with the best recipes (as seen in this series).  It's easy to get in a rut when you have a food blog, so I always welcome new ideas, especially if they have to do with peanut butter, banana and chocolate.  OBVIOUSLY.  Now you know I'm not overly concerned with nutritional facts, especially when it comes to desserts, but these little guys are only 155 calories each.  I was Math Student of the Month once in Middle School so I know that means you can eat like 17 of them all at once.  No really!  Dark chocolate with a whipped peanut butter banana center, gah.  I've kept mine in the freezer, because they're delicious that way.  

You can find the recipe here or here.

*Tip: when putting the first layer of chocolate down, use a spoon to push it up on the sides, which will help your "cup" shape take form.


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